Applicant Information

Income Limits
The below table outlines the income limits for Chemung, Schuyler, and Steuben Counties.

  Chemung Schuyler Steuben
1 Person $24,850 $22,600 $22,550
2 People $28,400 $25,800 $25,750
3 People $31,950 $29,050 $28,950
4 People $35,500 $32,250 $32,150
5 People $38,350 $34,850 $34,750
6 People $41,200 $37,450 $37,300
7 People $44,050 $40,000 $39,900
8 People $46,900 $42,600 $42,450

Where am I on the waiting list?
A persons actual spot on the waiting list is unable to be determined. Applicants are contacted based on first come first serve, as well as, on income eligibility when a voucher is available.

What do I do if I have an address change?
In order to maintain an accurate waiting list, please be sure to update Arbor any time that you have a change in income, a change in family composition, or a change in address. Fill out this form and either print it and mail it in or submit it electronically using the button on the bottom of the form. This form can also be used for changes in family composition, income, and phone number.

Why was my application returned to me?
All incomplete applications are returned in full to the applicant along with a cover letter explaining what item(s) are missing from the application. Please return the full application along with any missing information.

Payment Standards
Below are the Payment Standards for Allegany, Chemung, Schuyler, and Steuben Counties. Please use these when looking for housing to ensure you stay within your budget.

  Allegany Chemung Schuyler Steuben
0 Bedroom $525 $617 $550 $584
1 Bedroom $563 $668 $618 $645
2 Bedroom $660 $837 $736 $759
3 Bedroom $837 $1051 $1011 $999
4 Bedroom $1014 $1150 $1145 $1100
5 Bedroom $1166 $1323 $1317 $1265

Social Security Information
Please use the following links to locate the Social Security Information that we may require.