Volunteer Training Resources

Each year the IRS supplies each preparer with training resources. Printed copies will be provided to every preparer, as needed. Links and documents are being updated as they are released. 

2018 Tax Changes PowerPoint

2018-2019 STCA$H Class Training Schedule

Class 1  - Sign up here

Certification Help - Class 2 - Sign up here

January Training (required of all CA$H Tax Preparers) - Sign up here

Per IRS requirements, ALL volunteers need to read and certify:

            Pub 4961          Volunteer Standards of Conduct  

Tax Preparers & Quality Reviewers will need to review:

            Pub 5101          Intake Interview & Quality Review PowerPoint  IRS Certification required for all preparers & screeners

            Pub 5299          VITA/TCE Quality Review Refresher 

            Pub 6744          VITA Volunteer Test and Retest Book 

            Pub 4491          VITA/TCE Training Guide 

            Pub 4012          VITA Volunteer Resource Guide 2018 printed copy will be available in late January

            Pub 4491W       VITA/TCE Problems and Exercises (last printed 2014) an evergreen product that may require minimal                                                      tax law updates. This is now only available online.    Pub 4491W  2017 answers        

            Pub 4942          VITA Health Saving Account IRS Certification encouraged for CA$H preparers

            Pub 5157A        VITA Affordable Care Act - Taxpayer Scenarios


An excellent resource is provided from Prosperity Now - Tax Opportunity Network's Training Platform available HERE

                Note: Evergreen products should be maintained at the end of the filing season for future use 

VITA/TCE Training and Site Products Fact Sheet - This document shows the materials that the IRS will provide this year - both printed and what will be electronic only

These IRS Publications are generally released in January, and reflect changes and additions made to some previously released Publications and Forms:

                           Pub 4491A     VITA/TCE Training Guide - Consolidated Changes

                           Pub 4491X     VITA/TCE Training Supplement Contains changes, updates and additions to Pub 4012 &                                                                           Pub 4491, released in January to modify previously printed publications

IRS Link and Learn   After orientation this link will help you get to the spot you need to complete IRS certification.  Remember Pub 4961 is above, as well as in the lesson section of Link and Learn. For moreinformation, visit the IRS website at  this link:

How to use Link and Learn This document provides basic instructions on setting up a new account, retrieving a past password, and how to take your certification tests.

TaxSlayer Practice Lab - Testing area for learning and practicing the TaxSlayer software for IRS Certification and VITA Tax Preparation

Using the Practice Lab - Account creation and Instructions for the TaxSlayer practice site.

Note: All forms should say 20XX, but if any have a specific year, please consider it a current TY form

Set #1 Practice Problems

Mary Lake - Scenario & Answer

Paul Waters - Scenario & Answer

Walter Rivers - Scenario & Answer


Set #2 Practice Problems (3 scenarios)

Practice Problems & Answers


Set #3 Practice Problems

BASIC Practice Problem

DEPENDENT BASIC Practice Problem

NEW YORK ONLY Practice Problem

PA1000 Practice Problem

Statesman Practice Problem

Williams Practice Problem

Rochester CASH Practice Problems & Answers (thank you Empire Justice - Rochester C.A.S.H.!)


AARP National Tax Training Committee Workbook (Training & Practice Exercises)



New York State Volunteer income tax assistance and AARP tax aide training and education materials website 

PowerPoint    Site Coordinators Training

PowerPoint    Volunteer Preparer Training

Form TP-300   Quick Reference Desk Guide

Pennsylvania VITA/TCE Volunteer Training Center

DFO-02   Personal Income Tax Preparation Guide

Pennsylvania Personal Income Tax (PIT) Guide

Property Tax/Rent Rebate Program Forms